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Shepherd is an IT company that focuses on safety and security for your family (not a security company that uses technology), we use the latest technology to create safe online environments and safe built environments.

IT Services

With over 15 years experience in the information technology industry as a service provider we have worked with large enterprise networks to small home networks. We are positioned to bring big picture thinking and keeping things simple to your home.

  • Infrastructure
    • Internet Connection Setup
    • Wireless Network Configuration and Security
  • Security and Protection
    • Antivirus and Malware Protection
    • Backup
    • Web Filtering
  • Device Configuration
    • Computer Setup
    • Application Installation
    • Printer Setup

Web Filtering

We have been assisting to provide a safe environment for young people to learn, communicate and be entertained for over 15 years. We give control to you on how, what and when content on the internet can be accessed by the members of your household.

  • Create a healthy & safe on-line environment for your children.
  • Set up schedules for when the internet is on and off in the home, time limits can be applied.
  • App and Site blocking
    • Block sites by category such as adult or social media
    • Block apps by name (Minecraft, Snapchat..)
    • Force Safe Search of Google and YouTube
  • Reporting on usage
    • Time of access and site accessed
    • Stay informed, while you decide what is appropriate.
    • Easily deployed
    • Smart phone App available for remote monitoring and configuration (iPhone and Android)

Video Surveillance

There are 2 types of video surveillance the first is to keep an eye on your family members (Baby monitor) and the other is to keep and eye on people outside your home.  We can assist with both types of requirements by leveraging the cloud and latest IP based technology.